Therapeutic Areas

TriBiotica’s intellectual property portfolio includes the Haplomers technology platform in general, as well as therapies directed to specific indications.  Initial work has been focused on indications with potential for significant medical impact, an efficient pathway for downstream development, and multiple Billion dollar addressable markets.

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Virally Induced Tumors

An array of cancers—including several common forms that currently have poor prognoses—are caused by oncoviruses.  Viral RNA sequences present in these tumor cells are ideal trigger sequences for Haplomers.

• HPV-associated cervical and oropharyngeal cancers

• HBV and HCV induced hepatocarcinomas

• EBV-associated tumors

Common Oncogene Mutations

Mutations to specific oncogenes are present in a very large percentage of tumors in numerous cancer indications.  By harnessing the power of Haplomers to drive immunotherapy against these tumors, we aim to deliver new hope to a vast array of patients who need better treatment options.

• BRAF mutant tumors

• RAS mutant tumors

• EGFR mutant tumors

Liquid Tumors

Many leukemias, lymphomas, and myelomas share well-defined genetic mutations that Haplomers can be directed against.  These tumors are particularly well-suited for efficient delivery of our compounds, and thus present a favorable clinical development pathway.

• BCR-ABL fusion associated chronic myeloid leukemia

• B-cell lymphomas

• T-cell lymphomas

Nucleic Acid Sequence-Driven Diagnostics and Discovery

By reporting on the presence of specific genetic sequences in cells, Haplomers can function as diagnostic assays rather than therapy agents.  This capability can be extended to enable discovery of new tumor-specific sequences, including RNA structural information that is not readily available in other assay methods.

• Facile detection of specific disease-associated RNA sequences

• Discovery of RNA sequences and structures unique to tumor cells via a platform for massively parallel assessment of differential transcripts

Other Applications

Although the initial focus of TriBiotica’s therapeutic development is cancer therapy, Haplomer technology is not inherently limited to treatment of tumor cells.  Any disease-causing cell that can be identified through a specific RNA marker may be targeted for elimination.  Potential applications include:

• Destruction of the self-reactive cells causing autoimmune disease

• Elimination of virus-infected cells and augmentation of anti-viral immune response

• Elimination of infectious disease pathogens such as bacteria, intracellular mycoplasma, protozoa, and fungi