Innovative Technology

TriBiotica’s Haplomer™ technology platform aims to exploit the power of immunotherapy in a vast array of cancer types.


Cancer immunotherapy is revolutionizing medicine, producing extraordinary results in patients with select types of tumors.  To bring these treatments to a much wider population of patients, Haplomers harness tumor-specific gene signatures to enable more effective targeted immunotherapy.  Haplomers are unique building blocks that are assembled within cancer cells to create an active therapeutic without harming healthy cells.  Our approach couples the proven effectiveness of immunotherapy with the precise targeting of genetic medicine.

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Expert Technical Foundation

TriBiotica’s founders have over sixty years of collective experience in translational cancer and immunology research, generating over 150 publications in the field. Our team members have spearheaded several key advances in cancer immunotherapy, including the first cloning of human T  lymphocytes. We focus on research with strong clinical potential: for example, the laboratory of co-founder Dr. James Kurnick produced a therapeutic antibody for autoimmune disease that is expected to top $1 Billion in sales in 2016.

Proven Development Performance

Great technology can’t achieve impact without skillful execution.  TriBiotica’s executive team has a strong track record of turning biotechnology breakthroughs into successful products. Our team has navigated multiple biotech startups from concept to market.